Used to do this as a series years ago, thought I’d give it another shot. List will be short this week and pretty focused on the tools I used to get this incarnation of the site going:

  • Hugo: Static site generator I used to build this site. Blazing fast on generating the site and pretty easy to figure out customizing templates to pull off what you want.
  • Netlify: Used to host this site. At first I thought it was going to be heavy-handed, and thus complex, for a simple personal site. However, I’m really digging it. I’m using their CI/CD solutions to some great/fun benefit. A staging site to test something, or quickly trying out a feature branch, is super easy. They also have tools to help with static sites (such as form to email service, etc).
  • Lunr: Local / Static Site search library. I wrote an article about implementing Lunr on this site.
  • Search your Hugo static site using lunr.js: The information here ended up being a little dated compared to the latest copy of Lunr, but it got me going in the right direction.

Misc tech

  • Decoding Dig Output: Learn more about the output of the dig command to better understand what’s going on with DNS.