Hugo and Lunr
Mar 28, 2018

Getting Hugo and Lunr playing nice with each other wasn’t too bad, but I had trouble finding a clear walk-through with current versions of the tools. My starting point was Joseph Earl’s post, Search your Hugo static site using lunr.js. That was the most complete guide I could find and got me … 80% of the way there. I think the hiccups I encountered were due to updates to the Lunr code and some breaking changes that happened since he wrote his post.

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Up and Running on Hugo
Mar 24, 2018

I decided to switch the site over to Hugo. At some point I would like to import some of my old posts from previous blogs. I always find that process a little difficult. When looking over past content it starts to seem dated or irrelevant to today. I’m sure there’s an argument for it showing a progression in thought or as reference material, but there’s plenty of, “hey, look what my dog did” that just doesn’t seem to be needed.

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