• Redir Tool

    Now, any (TCP) traffic coming into my box on port 80 is routed to my server on port 3014. Hat tip to Calamity Lane

  • A Gentle Introduction to tmux

    Sort of wondering why it took me so long to really start looking into tmux. Still have a good bit of habit I need to pick up, but getting there. On OSX, iTerm2 has some good integration with it.

  • Edge Computing at Chick-fil-A

    Goals like this led us to develop an Internet of Things (IOT) platform for our restaurants. To successfully scale our business we need the ability to 1) collect data and 2) use it to drive automation in the restaurant.

  • Netlify CMS

    If you’re using a static site generator or considering using one, as I am here, you might want to check out Netlify CMS. I integrated it to my existing site this weekend and it was fairly straight forward to get it working with Hugo.