Sep 18, 2021
The truth about hydration: should you drink eight glasses of water a day?

Tellingly, if you seek water-consumption advice from a quietly reputable US source such as Harvard Medical School, instead of the 8x8 rule, you get “four to six cups” a day for healthy adults and all beverages count, even diuretics such as coffee, tea and booze. […]

Sep 15, 2021
Everything You Didn't Know About the Trusty Tape Measure

Answers to Questions About the Tape Measure You Hadn’t Thought to Ask

Jun 19, 2021
Stevey's Google Platforms Rant

Pretty well laid out critique of Google's platform and some comparison with AWS

Jun 19, 2021
Open Payments Data - CMS

The Open Payments Search Tool is used to search payments made by drug and medical device companies to physicians and teaching hospitals.

Apr 10, 2021

AWS Conferences One-Pagers.

Nov 18, 2020
Install Home Assistant - Home Assistant

Getting started: How to install Home Assistant.

Nov 11, 2020
The Very Best Smart Home Gadgets

Anytime I see the belkin wemo plugs show up on recommendation lists like this, it sort of makes me question the rest of the list. I've tried several incarnations of these plugs over the years and every one of them is usually painful to get setup and constantly disconnects from WiFi, requiring a reset. And I have good, high-end networking and wifi coverage in my house. Just makes me wonder how much testing was done or how much money is being pushed toward them

Nov 11, 2020
Meet the M1, the First Apple-Designed Chip for Macs

I decided to go ahead and order one of the new MacBook Air's with M1 to give it a shot as my home laptop. For what I do on my home computer I'm sure it will be more than enough and I'll be interested to see if being able to run iOS apps on it will be of any use and how it performs in general