Nov 1, 2020
Hugo on the Go: Static Blogging from an iPhone ·

Basic method of being able to easily add posts to Hugo from iOS

Oct 31, 2020
Official User Guide · ranger/ranger Wiki

A VIM-inspired filemanager for the console. Contribute to ranger/ranger development by creating an account on GitHub.

Oct 25, 2020
#3DBenchy - The jolly 3D printing torture-test by by CreativeTools - Thingiverse

Creative Tools Creative Tools supplies 3D printer and 3D scanner products incl filaments, accessories and support and also 3D software for leading CAD, modeling, animation, and rendering. #3DBenchy is a 3D model designed by us at Creative Tools specifically for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. It is a small recognisable object that you can download for free, make and share. It is designed to 3D-print quickly and be a fun tool for calibrating your 3D printer.

Oct 25, 2020
A Crash Course on Incident Response,...

In Part 1, I discussed the important aspects of a good incident management practice including effective communication, clearly defined…

Oct 25, 2020
Addressing Problems the Right Way | by Mike Taylor | Real Kinetic Blog

How to ensure clearer heads and cooler temperatures prevail when things go wrong.