So I recently added some “catch-up” posts about Scout and an album for him.

But it’s now about 2 months in. I just need to say, raising a puppy is exhausting. The “Puppy Blues” are a real thing. He is progressing and learning new things and of course has his moments of supreme sweetness, but I definitely thought this was going to be a bit easier than it has been.

I’ve had dogs most of my life. But most of the puppy raising was done by my parents and when I had my own eventually, I tended towards adopting full grown dogs. I either really didn’t remember how much attention a puppy requires or other puppy’s I’ve been in the house with were exceptionally easy (I think it’s a bit of a mix of both really).

We’re getting there, and we will get there. It’s just turned into way more than, at least I, expected.