Another year is coming to an end today and I’m finally getting around to writing this post, the third in my series of year in reviews.

It’s been a long and eventful year. Maybe it would be best to update based on the different parts of my life.


I started off the year working as a contractor at WordPress HelpCenter. It was a great experience and even though I have now left WPHC, I still think very highly of the company and Alex King, its founder. In the beginning of the year, I was the lead for the team. I grew a lot as a developer, a sales person, and as a customer service rep. It was a fast paced environment, likely the most fast paced I’ve ever worked in. Towards the end of Fall I was presented with a new opportunity to work on-site with a local company, SnagAJob.

So far SnagAJob has been great. I’m continuing to grow as a developer and am still able to work with WordPress and PHP (my areas of expertise). I am really enjoying getting to know the folks I work with and am finally getting around to trying Test Driven Develoment with Unit Tests.


You may remember me having mentioned Carrie last year. We moved in together around May and have been traveling a good bit this year. We’ve been to Phoenix AZ, Boulder CO, Baltimore MD, Las Vegas NV, and New York NY. That’s probably more traveling then I’ve done in the past five years combined and also represents the furthest West I’ve ever traveled. We had a lot of good times and eventually I’m going to get around to posting some of the pictures we’ve taken on this website. Around our one year anniversary, I decided to ask her to marry me and, amazingly, she said yes.

We’re working on plans for the wedding and have booked a venue and set a date, October 8th 2011. We’ve started a website to let folks know what we’re up to with plans and “us” in general.


I haven’t been as active with my photography as I have been in the past. This might seem odd given all the travel we’ve done this year, but I’ve been trying to focus a little more on living/enjoying the experience rather then trying to document it with my camera and missing what it is I’m photographing.

I’ve been continuing to work with WordPress a lot both in my work and free time. I assisted in organizing WordCamp 2010 again this year. This time around I was mainly acting as a “care-taker” of the event. All thanks and recognition should go to Carrie & Hunter at studioSavvy, and Andrew of Your Search Advisor. They took care of working out the schedule, locating sponsors, etc. I’d say it was even more successful then last year and that’s entirely thanks to the three of them.

I think that pretty much covers some of the larger highlights of the year and let’s you know where I am. Let’s hope all goes well in 2011 :)