• Yesterday I woke up in the early morning (~4am) and was feeling cold and had uncontrollable shakes. Took my temperature and it was normal. Decided to move to the guest bedroom to be safe and limit exposure for my wife. I started to feel nauseous and ended up throwing up within the hour. I got a little sleep in and woke up with around a 101.6 degree temperature. My fever broke later in the day after some rest and Tylenol and, I mostly feel better so hoping I’m alright, but I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a little scary. Of course, my immediate thoughts were I had somehow picked up COVID-19 while doing grocery runs or something. At the moment, my best guess is I had some kind of reaction to something.

COVID-19 U.S. Stats for 2020-3-28
Total Cases: 124,900
Total Recoveries: 1,072
Total Deaths: 2,892
COVID-19 U.S. Stats by date