• Still improving but not sleeping well at all. Fever has stayed gone, so I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t COVID-19 at this point. Not sure what was going on. Hoping I can sleep tonight though.
  • Reports all over Virginia and the Richmond general area of people seeing full parking lots still, etc. Folks aren’t taking this seriously. I am worried about what this will mean for us all long term. I’m getting annoyed by this – people need to be staying in to slow the spread and I’m doing my part for it, but when I go to get groceries for us or those around that need us, we see people acting like life is normal. My wife went to get a prescription filled at Target and said the place was busy with people doing normal shopping. I saw a picture on Twitter of a Home Depot parking lot that was packed. Ugh.
  • It’s really warm out today, currently 84 degrees, with an expected high of 85. Feels a bit humid. Mostly just mentioning it because it’s on my mind – but related, reports seem to indicate that COVID-19 won’t be knocked down by heat/humidity. In warmer parts of the world they say they’re seeing perhaps slightly slower spread, but it was described as not really slowing it enough to make much of a difference.
  • Getting a little stir crazy hanging out at the house all the time. I’m … at least historically … a bit of an introvert, but I still like to be able to leave the house and get out sometimes. I don’t really feel like that’s an option at the moment. I have started meditating on my lunch break during work hours. It does help keep me calm I think. Work has been interesting. What would be walk-by conversations in the office are turning into meeting requests and my calendar during the business day is usually pretty full of meeting invites these days. It makes getting time for heads down work difficult now.
  • We were able to get some food deliveries in over the week so right now we’re doing ok on supplies. Hoping to be able to get in a good dinner tonight and continue to feel better.
  • My county has 6 confirmed cases now. There still isn’t adequate testing though and current testing stats are really showing folks that were infected 1-2 weeks ago.

COVID-19 U.S. Stats for 2020-3-29
Total Cases: 143,544
Total Deaths: 3,573
COVID-19 U.S. Stats by date