Guess I went pretty radio-silent around here after a strong start when Covid-19 was really flaring up originally…

Really, I thought I’d open up the editor and I’d have all kinds of thoughts that would flow … that is proving to not be the case. Let’s see…

  • I’m guessing the election is going to be a clusterfuck with all the mail-in ballots, etc. My wife and I voted via mail-in ballot. But I imagine it’s going to take a bit to get all of those counted and it seems both sides are ready to battle on it.
  • Still working from home, not sure when I’ll go back in to the office. At this point, best guess is sometime in 2021? But really, who knows. I’ve made various improvements to my home office: new monitors, thunderbolt dock so I only have to hook in one wire to my laptop, better speakers, better microphone … I added a TV to my desk with a decent speaker. I sometimes watch it if I get to take a lunch break, or late night work sessions where I’m helping other teams but am mostly waiting on them.
  • I got out of the lease on the car I had and bought a new one. That was an interesting experience. I organized the whole thing over email basically and the sales person drove it out to my house with all the paperwork. I did a quick test drive, signed the papers and we were done. He drove off in my old lease. I just couldn’t justify to keep paying on the lease to basically store it in the garage. I wasn’t getting extra time on the end of the lease, and even if they offered, I wouldn’t have wanted to keep paying what I was monthly for a then 3 year old car. It made more sense to buy one so at least there wasn’t an end-date for when it was no longer mine. We might could have made it work with just 1 car for now, and financially that probably made the most sense. But I couldn’t bring myself to go car-less. At least I got a pretty good deal on the new one and 0% financing.
  • We’re coming up on my wife’s birthday. I think I’ve been able to order in some decent presents for her. We won’t be able to go out for a fancy dinner or anything, but I imagine we can put together something decent at the house.
  • And oh yeah .. we (the U.S.) have been posting record numbers of daily new cases of Covid-19. Perfect right as we head into holidays where folks want to get together as a family </sarcasm>.
COVID-19 U.S. Stats for 2020-10-24
Total Cases: 8,604,190
Total Deaths: 224,468
COVID-19 U.S. Stats by date