Scout's training
Feb 4, 2023

Scout’s training has been slowly progressing and we’re finding it helpful in general. He now knows: sit (lay) down spot (as in, “go to your spot” / place training) paw / other paw stay recall is getting pretty strong (come) starting to get the hang of leash walking We recently started working with a professional trainer with him. He helped us with paw, strengthening stay, recall, and leash walking so far.

Dec 30, 2022

So I recently added some “catch-up” posts about Scout and an album for him. But it’s now about 2 months in. I just need to say, raising a puppy is exhausting. The “Puppy Blues” are a real thing. He is progressing and learning new things and of course has his moments of supreme sweetness, but I definitely thought this was going to be a bit easier than it has been.

Nov 4, 2022

Brought home a new puppy today, Scout

Jun 15, 2021

We had to have Atticus put to sleep yesterday. I met him when he was 2-3 years old, adopting him from the Richmond SPCA. At the SPCA, I walked down the long aisle and near the end was this lump of black fur, curled up and facing away from the front of his enclosure. I tapped lightly on the fencing and he lifted his head and looked over his shoulder at me, slowly standing up and walking over to me.