• We had been given a ‘return to the office’ plan of returning yesterday, but then that got moved to November 2nd. Given the uptick in cases for the Delta variant, folks are wondering if that will be moved. I won’t be surprised if it does move, and generally I’m ok with that. I’m fairly happy with working from home.
  • Vaccination rates are still too low, just keeping this all prolonged longer and more dangerous than it needs to be.
  • On the upside, we’re about to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. On the downside, due to pandemic stuff, we canceled our trip we had planned. We’re hoping we can do a big trip next year.
  • Hoping I’ll get a chance to see Shang-Chi sometime soon. The headlines I’ve read look really promising for it. Can’t wait.
COVID-19 U.S. Stats for 2021-9-8
Total Cases: 40,629,628
Total Deaths: 650,906
COVID-19 U.S. Stats by date