• This year has really been all about Scout… Raising a puppy turned out to be more than we expected. He’s finally starting to settle on his own at night and will wander off to take a nap once in awhile. We did have to do enforced naps for quite awhile.
  • We also hosted Thanksgiving for the family this year and deep fried a turkey for the … 10th time I think. I got a new setup this year that seems wildly more efficient than what I had been using (which was basically this). If you ever decide to do this and are having trouble finding a nice space that is both open AND flat, I recommend getting a patio paver to set your cooker on. It gives you more flexibility in placement since you can basically make a flat space anywhere with one – just make sure it’s stable after you set it up.
  • Work has overall been fine. I moved to a new position (still at the same company) around March/April of this year. As you may remember1, I generally don’t talk about work here though.

Looking forward to 2024 and hopefully starting to get a bit more back to normal. Between Covid restrictions being dropped and us going straight into raising a puppy at home, etc., we’ve still mostly been staying around the house a lot. It’d be good to maybe take a trip for a vacation vs. a “staycation”.

Year in Review Series

  1. Though probably not since I update here so infrequently these days… ↩︎