It’s been about 10 years since I’ve posted one of these, but I thought it might be good to give it a shot again. So, here goes…

  • 2021 started off with a fair amount of uncertainty. Coming out of the first year of the pandemic in 2020, we’d heard news of a vaccine possibly becoming available. It did, and in March/April, Carrie and I were able to get appointments for our doses.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone thought getting vaccines was a good idea, so lots didn’t. This has led to variants of the virus spreading and within about a month, we practically went into lockdown again due to “breakthrough” cases, etc. The Delta variant became the dominant strain around the world. Then toward the end of the year we look to be getting the Omnicron strain. Wild to think that if people could have just not been idiotic selfish assholes, and gotten the vaccine when it became available for free, we might could have put this largely behind us. They claim it’s about their own medical freedoms. I call bullshit. They are infringing on the freedoms of everyone else.
  • We lost Atticus in June, essentially to old age. I have some comfort in the fact he made it to ~16 years old which is pretty good for a large dog like him. I still think about him often and miss him.
  • October 8th was our 10-year anniversary. We were going to try to take a road trip down to North Carolina, but about a month beforehand we decided that with the delta variant circulating that it would be best to not go somewhere that we’d basically be eating at restaurants or other public gatherings for most of the trip. Instead we opted for a “staycation” so we could at least unplug for a little bit from the constant demands of work. I was mostly successful at this, but wish the time off could have been longer. Work has been wearing on me a lot.

We all hoped 2021 was going to be better than 2020. But after reading this update back to myself, I would say it was only marginally better if any at all. Hopefully 2022 will finally start turning things around.