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Jul 11, 2017

Hmm. — Matt Walters (@mwalters) July 11, 2017

Jan 28, 2016

I don’t want to watch your video on how to do “x,” even though I want to do “x.” For technical things I really think a write up is better. — Matt Walters (@mwalters) January 28, 2016

Aug 5, 2014

There are bosses that feed off you and ones that propel you forward. I’ve experienced both. The former is too common and is one that I hope to avoid going forward in my career.

Politics in America
Jan 6, 2013

I really feel that we have all become too polarized when it comes to politics these days. It seems like all we do now is yell out our opinions on things instead of trying to engage in helpful conversations, or even healthy debate, about the things that really matter. Social media is one place I see this play out particularly horribly. Think about it — who does it help to tap out, in 140 characters or less, what you feel about the fiscal cliff, or gun control, or whatever large topic you feel strongly about.

2011 Year in Review
Dec 23, 2011

I’ve done the year in reviews posts for a while now, so here’s your next installment :) Work I’m still working at Snagajob. Things are going well. This year we received the #1 small business to work for award and had Governor McDonnell visit us. There were some other moments that were quite funny throughout the year as well. We also showed we’re not perfect (that’s one of my favorites).

2010 Year in Review
Dec 31, 2010

Another year is coming to an end today and I’m finally getting around to writing this post, the third in my series of year in reviews. It’s been a long and eventful year. Maybe it would be best to update based on the different parts of my life. Work I started off the year working as a contractor at WordPress HelpCenter. It was a great experience and even though I have now left WPHC, I still think very highly of the company and Alex King, its founder.

2009 Year in Review
Dec 27, 2009

Last year I started a series of Year End Review posts. I figured it would be good to continue it this year as so much has happened in my life in 2009, that it’s likely not many people know where or what I’m doing any longer. Unfortunately the year started off poorly. Early in the year, as the economy tanked, I came really close to losing my job. The guys I was working for fought long and hard though and were able to keep pulling in enough business to allow me to stay on which I greatly appreciated.