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2023 Year in Review
Dec 22, 2023

This year has really been all about Scout… Raising a puppy turned out to be more than we expected. He’s finally starting to settle on his own at night and will wander off to take a nap once in awhile. We did have to do enforced naps for quite awhile. We also hosted Thanksgiving for the family this year and deep fried a turkey for the … 10th time I think.

Scout's training
Feb 4, 2023

Scout’s training has been slowly progressing and we’re finding it helpful in general. He now knows: sit (lay) down spot (as in, “go to your spot” / place training) paw / other paw stay recall is getting pretty strong (come) starting to get the hang of leash walking We recently started working with a professional trainer with him. He helped us with paw, strengthening stay, recall, and leash walking so far.

Dec 30, 2022

So I recently added some “catch-up” posts about Scout and an album for him. But it’s now about 2 months in. I just need to say, raising a puppy is exhausting. The “Puppy Blues” are a real thing. He is progressing and learning new things and of course has his moments of supreme sweetness, but I definitely thought this was going to be a bit easier than it has been.

2022 Year in Review
Dec 15, 2022

Big snowfall in January. Got to use the plow to clean off the driveway and sidewalk which was fun :) Promoted to Senior Manager at work as part of my performance review. Brought Scout home Year in Review Series

Nov 4, 2022

Brought home a new puppy today, Scout

April 18, 2022
Apr 18, 2022

43 trips around the sun.

2 years working from home
Mar 12, 2022

Today marks the 2-year anniversary of when my employer sent us home due to COVID. COVID-19 U.S. Stats for 2022-3-12 Total Cases: 79,641,006 Total Deaths: 966,978 COVID-19 U.S. Stats by date